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About us

At dripshop direct you will find our high quality jewellery pieces are a fraction of the price people would normally pay to wear genuine and sparkly Swarovski crystals. This is due to the fact that when you purchase a luxury jewellery piece, usually over 50% of the list price is just jeweller mark up! Where as we provide our customers with excellent jewellery for wholesale level prices.

For example our adjustable single row tennis bracelets are just £22 each but the same rose gold bracelet with the same design, clasp, same metal and same crystals is £100 each at our competitors store. Check out our price check highlight on Instagram for this example and more.

💎 Authenticity

All of our jewellery on our website is made with authenticated Swarovski crystals (more info on which specific crystals are used can be found in the product description). Naturally due to our low prices some consumers may think think this is a false claim, however these concerns can be put to bed very easily.

When crystals are bought from Swarovski, there is a 16 digit authentication code on a tag with the swarovski seal on to prove that genuine and authenticated crystals have been purchased.

We can email or instagram direct message you our code so you can check for yourself. Just search Swarovski authenticity code on google and enter the code given to you and see for yourself that Swarovski has authenticated our crystals. How many other brands that claim to sell genuine Swarovski Crystal jewellery can do that?

Jazak’Allah khair for the bracelets I’m actually in love with the bracelets they look so elegant yet is affordable😍. Usually it’s hard for me to find watches or bracelets that fit my small wrist. The best thing about these bracelets is that it fits any wrist size big or small. I’m glad to say I will be shopping with you in the future

Umme Akhtar